New Batch of Tyler Warren Shapes!


Tyler Warren is a local surfer, shaper, and artist from San Juan Capistrano, CA.  Whether he's in the shaping bay, the ocean, or the studio, Tyler Warren is committed to blending the lines of style and traditionalism.  These are some of his latest shapes, now available at Thalia Surf.


7'7 Girlfriend

A board that you or your girlfriend can have fun on. This board is a double ended template with a hippy tail that has a spiral vee below around the fin producing lift and looseness.  This board can be ridden in head to over-head waves.

9'7 Noserider Split Stringer


8'0 OB Special 


8'3 Evo Volan 1 Drop 


9'4 Transition 

Inspired by the longboards ridden in the hot generation "Transition Era" no concave, thinner rails, slight roll and "V" these boards work best in clean pockets. The wide point is behind center so when going to the nose the board speeds up and locks in.  Loose quick turns can be achieved off the tail. Usually ridden with a Greenough style fin.

9'5 Noserider Triple Stringer 


Tyler Warren 10.25 Glass-On Blue  
This template is a blend of a pivot for hold on the nose combined with a raked flex allowing for quick and flowing turns.  We also have this fin available for your fin box from Captain Fin. 

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