Greenough's Innermost Limits T Shirt and DVD in stock!

innermost limits t shirt

Innermost Limits T Shirt Now Available!

One of the most iconic and important surf movies of all time, George Greenough's Innermost Limits of Pure Fun, is now available in classic surf shirt form. The t shirt itself features the original movie artwork screenprinted by hand right here in Southern California. We've watched and drooled over this movie for years and couldn't be more stoked to finally have it on a tee.

george greenough spoon

The man, the myth, the flex master.


Best known for his surf photography, his innovative filmmaking and surfboard building, and of course, the flex fin, George Greenough is a surf legend in his own right. Innermost Limits of Pure Fun and Crystal Voyager were his two surf film masterpieces, documenting 'in the barrel' footage like no one before him.

george greenough in the water

Caught in the act. And you thought duck-diving your mini simmons was hard...

If you do anything today, watch a clip from Innermost Limits of Pure Fun, then go surf or invent something. Greenough would approve. The DVD and t shirt can be found on the website under Brands, then George Greenough. Check it!
beyond surfing with George Greenough

Beyond surfing... and surfing the beyond.

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