Yusuke Hanai - Illustrator and Fine Artist


Yusuke Hanai

Yusuke Hanai, born in Japan in 1978, is an illustrator and fine artist inspired by the vibrations and personalities found in America's counterculture movements.  After discovering the legendary Grateful Dead album cover artist known as Rick Griffin, Yusuke took the leap to the United States in an effort to capture Rick Griffin's artistic spirit within his own works of art.  Here, he studied illustration at the Academy of Art, San Francisco and discovered his love for illustrating people - particularly people being weird and unique in their own.  Although Yusuke is currently living in Japan where he continues his artistic endeavors as an illustrator/fine artist, he continues to spread joy worldwide through his collaborations and exhibitions.

Join us at Thalia Surf Shop this Thursday, March 7th to celebrate the release of Yusuke Hanai's new collection in collaboration with Vans.  We'll be celebrating from 6PM-9PM, giving away a free gift to the first 50 people.  Come grab some food, drinks, and admire the collection by Yusuke Hanai as we join together for an awesome night.


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