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Thalia Surf Shop is excited to introduce a new collection of boards from Gato Heroi. All of these boards are hand shaped by " The Big Cat " Robin Kegel himself. As you know Robins boards are pretty hard to come by. Since we have a unique relationship with Robin, he gave us the opportunity to receive the seven boards displayed here. If you are a Gato Heroi collector or have ridden a Gato you know what these boards are capable of. Cruise into the shop, these boards are a must see. 

Above : Robin Kegel  |  San Onofre  

Top right: Gato Heroi | Line up at Watermans Guild

Ph. Giovanni R. Angelone



9'6" Playboy Volan Abstract with glass on fin.



9'6" Playdate Volan.



9'4" Playdate Volan with glass on  GH fin.



9'4" Playboy Volan Abstract. 


9'4" Playdate Volan



9'4" Playdate SOLD OUT!



Gato Heroi trunks available only at Thaliasurf.com.

Ph. Thomas Green


Click photo to link purchase Gato Heroi fin by Robin. Only one left!!!

Ph. Giovanni R. Angelone


Gato Heroi Fall 2016 for Thalia Surf Shop Laguna Beach, Ca from Thalia Surf Shop on Vimeo.

Filmed | Edited by Jack Coleman 

Check out the entire collection for Gato Heroi by clicking photo above. Thanks for shopping with Thalia Surf Shop. We love you all.

Ph. Giovanni R. Angelone

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