Jayson Gera - Golden State Glassing - 11.4.16


Jason "Jay Boi" Gera is a second generation surfboard builder. His father has been a laminator since the 70s. His pops started with Robert August, then Hobie, then glass shops in Orange County until 2001. He now builds boards in Maui.

 Jay Boi started in 98' and worked in over 13 different glassshops in OC. He has built over 50,000 boards. Jay opened goldenstate glassing in 2014. His current accounts are, Tanner Prairie, Troy Elmore, EC, SpaceTime, Alex knost, Wax, George. They glass about 15 boards a week, 750 boards a year.  Jay loves working with the smaller shapers.

Brian, who also laminates at Golden State Glassing along with Jay, laminate (6-8 each a week).  When it comes to Hotcoating, Fins, Sandinding Pin lines, Resin panels, Gloss, Polish, Cleaning toilets, and Accounting thats all Jay. They mostly do fancy colors and resin panels/pinlines. Here's a glimpse inside Golden State Glassing.

11.4.16 | Fall 2016

Photos | Giovanni R. Angelone


Amazing Stumps and old resin sculptures blanket the entrance.


Natural Abstract while tinting occurs regularly.


Pin lining with Jay Boi...

Couple boards by Alex


We have all heard the phrase, " You can't pay enough for guys that can finish." This totally applies to Jay at Golden State Glassing. The boards that are coming out of his shop are amazing. They wouldn't look, feel and perform the way they do with out Jay's efforts. Seems like every time I cruise to the shop Jay is working his ass off. Even with his busy schedule at the shop he still finds time to play drums for Church of Sun, and surf with his wife. 

Cruise by Thalia Surf Shop and check out some of the boards coming out of Golden State Glassing. We Carry Brown Microwave Television from Alex Knost, Dancing Babies by Justin Adams, SpaceTime Surfboards by Alrik Yuill, and Elmore Surfboards by Troy. 

Thanks Yall.


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