Tyler Warren | Fall | 10.19.16


Tyler Warren recently dropped off an amazing selection of his hand shaped surfboards to us here at Thalia Surf shop. We never know what to expect from Pickle. One thing we can count on is quality, functionality, timeless style mixed with modern and traditional concepts. Shaper, Designer, Artist, Surfer, Tyler Warren holds many titles and is at the forefront of the modern surf experimentation. We need more Pickles out there!

Quick look inside the shaping bay with Tyler. 

ph. Giovanni R. Angelone

Tyler on one of his Rocket Fish, Bali. Spread featured in Waversons Magazine issue 13

ph. unkown


Tyler Warren Surfboards for Thalia Surf Shop Fall 2016.

ph: Thomas Green


5'4" Bar of soap Twin Keel



7'9" Function-Hull powder blue tint.


5'9" Edge Bottom Volan

Can't wait to see whats next from Tyler. We  always look forward to seeing what this young man is up to. Click banner to check out everything we offer from Tyler "pickle" Warren. 



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