Duct Tape Festival in St. Augustine, Florida!


St. Augustine, Florida is the oldest city in the United States, which was originally discovered by Spanish settlers in 1565. On the weekend of September 22, 2018, it hosted the Duct Tape Festival presented by Vans Surf. The event was held at St. Johns County Ocean and Fishing Pier, where there was live music, a panel and discussion with the shapers of the event, and a board demo session out by the pier with the handcrafted surfboards. 

The idea behind the Duct Tape Festival is that 4 shapers made 2 boards each, for the public to try, and for the city in which the event is held to house the boards for anyone to ride anytime for free. The boards in St. Aug, Florida are showcased at a surf shop called The SURF STATION, where they are available to borrow during normal business hours.

The shapers for this event were Joel Tudor, LeAnn Curren, Justin Quintal and Dylan Graves. At the panel discussion, they described their shaping experiences and their inspirations for making these boards for the event.

Overall, it was an epic adventure with surfing, skateboarding, alligators and really good food. If you are ever in Florida, visit the Surf Station and give one of the boards a go, or try them all! Thanks to Vans for putting on such a cool event.








All photos captured by: Justin Davis @smelltheflowersarts

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