Birdwell x RVCA Collection


Birdwell x RVCA Collab


Birdwell Beach Britches have been creating amazing boardshorts and attire, made in the USA, pretty much since the beginning of time. When Mrs. Birdwell started hand-stitching the two-ply nylon trunks in 1961 in her Southern California home she knew she was onto something and she definitely was. The brand is iconic and should be. They've been making the exact same high quality surf trunks since '61 for goodness' sake.

Now about the Collab.

Birdwell and the visionaries at RVCA decided to make a pretty little collection that's an absolute must have. Own a piece of surf history by adding an item or two from the Birdwell x RVCA Collection to your arsenal of clothing radness.

Below take a close-up look inside the Birdwell factory and the process behind the Birdwell x RVCA Collection. Video by Blaine Suque. 

Below the short vid are some pics of just a few of the squad members that dig this magical little matrimony.  



Tanner Prairie RVCA


Birdwell x RVCA Collab


Birdwell x RVCA Collab


Birdwell x RVCA Collab



Birdwell x RVCA Collab

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