TOMS Eyewear Event Recap and Photos

'Twas a few evenings back that the astute gents of TOMS Eyewear held a fun little soiree at the shop, introducing all of us to their new nifty line of sunnies known as the Traveler Collection.
The event started late in the arvo and carried into the eve. Our kegger of M. Special Brew and the dialed-in catering by Rasta Taco gave everyone the opportunity to down as many cups of tasty suds and eat as many scrumptious tacos as they could possibly consume. Splendid.
Along with bringing their new line of shades, the TOMS crew also brought these ultra-cool techy virtual reality goggles that would take you to amazing locations like Peru. Instead of having to click yer ruby slippers together like Dorothy all you had to do is throw on one of these virtual reality rigs and you were on yer way. Dreamy.
Now about the new collection that brought this event to fruition....
The Traveler comes in a few different styles. The Dalston & the Florentin. The Dalston is a timeless yet innovative look, featuring a streamline frame. The Florentin is a daring take on a contemporary look, featuring a bold frame. Whichever style floats yer boat, they're both completely delish.
The Traveler Collection is constructed in Solaflex, which is TOMS' unique rubberized material designed to provide long-lasting durability, comfort and fit. They all have 100% UVA/UVB protection, are made with lightweight polycarbonate lenses for high-impact resistance, are available in a bunch of zesty colorways, and come in cases made with travel-inspired fabric. 
And you know what? There's something really cool about this collection. It's known as TOMS One For One. What that means is with every pair of the Travelers you ladies and gents purchase, TOMS will help give sight to a person in need. Now if that isn't anymore of a reason to not want to buy a pair of these stylish sunnies then we don't know what is.
Check the pics below to see what you enjoyed or what you missed. Cheers!
*All event pics captured by the inimitable Thomas Henry Green*
TOMS Event
Traveler Collection
M. Special Brewing Company
M. Special Brewing Company
Rasta Taco
Rasta Taco
TOMS Virtual Reality Radness
He's on his way

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