Space Time Surfboards Event Recap with Show Pics


Alrik Yuill Space Time Surfboards

If we had to use three words to sum up last Thursday night those three words would be- Fun As Hell. The evening was dedicated to the inimitable Alrik Yuill of Space Time Surfboards. Alrik could very well be a mythical creature from outer space and we love every minute of his presence. He brought in three new magical, handshaped creations for the show that all look as amazing as ever to ride, and the cool thing about is he left them for us to sell. If you're itching to get a one of a kind new stick click the Space Time link above. 

After we helped Alrik set up the musical maestro Matt McCluer showed up with his bandmates ready to rock. The steady flow of shiny, happy people started to commence and the copious amounts of suds on hand started to be consumed at a steady pace. Before Matt McCluer started to cook we threw on Jack Coleman's new short film about Alrik and Space Time. Jack never ceases to amaze us with his brilliance, and this short is a perfect example of just that. A must see if you haven't already seen.

We had a few celebs on hand to help support and enjoy the festivities. To name a few Al Knost, Kassia Meador, Justin Adams, and Wolfgang Bloch. After the short film Matt McCluer and his bandmates jammed till the eve was over. We're definitely chalking this one up as another 'fun as hell' night. Heres a bunch of pics to show you what you were enjoying with us Thursday eve or what you missed. Either way it's all good.
























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