Space Time Surfboards Short Film with Alrik Yuill by Jack Coleman

Space Time Surfboards Alrik Yuill
For all of you who couldn't make our show tonite we understand, but you definitely missed a good one. The great news is we have Jack's short film, that we premiered tonite, right here for you to watch as many times as your little heart desires. This short not only captures the inimitable Alrik Yuill, of Space Time Surfboards, in his pure essence, it'll also give you a potful of how fun Space Times are to ride. Uncensored footage of Alrik, Ari Browne, and Grant Noble slicing and dicing proves that these magical creations, handcrafted by Alrik, are nothin', but a ton of fun.
When you combine an amazing filmographer like Jack and a unique creature like Alrik you get the utmost in marvelousness. Enjoy this Jack Coleman joint.


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