Sam Nassar's Celluloid Surf!

A few months back we connected with Sam Nassar, an up and coming surf film maker from right here in Orange County. Over the past year Sam has been toting around his 8mm film camera and capturing the life and times of he and his friends. Eschewing the limitlessness and accessibility of modern digital video for the contraints of celluloid film has given Sam a welcome platform on which to cultivate the seeds of his burgeoning creativity proclivities. In fact, Sam cites an orange tree as his ultimate artistic inspiration, drawing on the trees journey from sapling to fruit bearing tree, and delighting in the myriad stages of color and theatrics that culminate in the sweet reward of the fully realized fruit. Just as our wait for the harvest makes the fruit a little sweeter, there is a magic to the delayed gratification of shooting film, a reward in not knowing what you have captured until the developed reel lands on your doorstep. 
Pause a moment, slow down, and breathe in Sam's nostalgic world of sun stoked friends bathed in light leaks and salt water. The present never looked so good.
Follow Sam on Insta: @Sam_nass12
Featured Surfers:
Braden Tarka - @bradentarka
Andrew Kramer - @andrewkramerr
Chase Adelson - @cadelsohn_ 
Holden Forero - @holdenphoto
Music: "Just Yesterday" by Sunroom

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