Mega Glide - A Matthew Allen Short



Thalia Surf is stoked to bring you Matthew Allen's new surfing short entitled Mega Glide. Featuring the surfing of friend, photographer, and former Surfer's Journal photo editor Shawn Parkin. The boys posted up at a local point break and Parkin proceeded to smoothly glide his Deepest Reaches Megafish from the top of the point all the way to the sand, over and over again. Bathed in light leaks and film grain, Mega Glide takes the psychedelic lighting that Allen captures in his Borrowed Light photo series and brings it to life, the light moving with and around Parkin as he navigates the waves.

Shawn is sliding along in his Thalia Surf Positive Energy wetsuit. All styles are in stock in our Laguna Beach shop and online at

Film by Matthew Allen
Surfing By Shawn Parkin
Surfboard by Deepest Reaches
Music by Matthew Allen



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