Matthew Allen's "High Line" Animation Premier and Art Show



This Thursday July 7th Thalia Surf is excited to host "High Line", featuring the artwork of Costa Mesa artist Matthew Allen. This special event will feature the premier of Matthew's rotoscope surf animation, along with mixed media art pieces based on still frames from the animation. 

A former Surfer Magazine Art Director, Allen is an accomplished illustrator, artist, and the creative director here at Thalia Surf. While his daily art practice shifts between taking film photos, driving the look of things here at Thalia Surf, and making art in a variety of mediums, Matthew is constantly exploring new creative avenues. Last year he shot and edited the short surf film "MegaGlide". Recently he has ventured into frame-by-frame and rotoscope animation. 

A rotoscope animation is a frame-by-frame animation based on a video. This is how animation used to be done, even Disney movies like Alice in Wonderland! It is a very involved process, with each image of the animation hand drawn. Hundreds of art pieces combine together to form a moving picture. Matthew's "High Line" Illustration features over 160 individual frames of animation! An NFT of the animation will be up for auction on OpenSea at 6PM on July 7th.

Matthew has designed a t-shirt featuring art based in his animation that will be released at the show along with limited edition prints of a few frames from the animation. Come down this Thursday to check it all out and join us for some free food and drinks, including wine from his Dad's vineyard, water from Mananalu that features Matthew's art and drinks from Juneshine! We can't wait to see you there!


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