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Primitive Skills Magazine

Primitive Skills Volume 01

Jack Coleman recently put us in touch with Rangi Ormond, Sam Smith and Craig Allsop, editors and creators of Primitive Skills Magazine, a new, self-described 'Unprofessional Surfing Magazine'. Jack couldn't speak more highly of the lot and their new Australia-based project, and we agree. This new 'surf mag' looks to bridge the gap between surf and lifestyle. It focuses not on the surfer's surfing per say, but more on what they do when they're not in the water, and how that shapes who they are in the water.

Primitive Skills Magazine is a surf mag in the loosest sense. An independent study into the rituals, symbols, habits and habitats of surfers. Misuse of funds, distaste for authority, anti-social behavior, freedom of thought and other undesirable side effects associated with salt water to the brain.

Primitive Skills #1 Inside Cover

Inside Cover of Primitive Skills Volume 1

There is not too much actual surfing going on in Primitive Skills Magazine Volume 01. The focus is more around the peripheral stuff or the by-product of surf activity. Reggae Night in Central America with Peter Sutherland and Lele Saveri. Roy Stuart speaks about the influence of primitive weapons on his design theories, he also touches on the 70’s, reincarnation, lizard mind, education and time travel.

Lizard Mind Tunnels

Lizard Mind Tunnels

Craig Allsop and Gauranga Ormond on Cultural Outreach in Japan. The Search for Fountainhead begins on the Lost Continent. And they look at community contributions of surfer habitats from 1973 until 2014. There is other stuff in there too.

Primitive Skills Inside Look Volume 1

Primitive Skills Inside Look Volume 1

Primitive Skills Magazine Volume 01 is now available here at Thalia Surf


Craig Allsop.

Jonny Brazil.

Erik Brunetti.

Ben Cambana.

Ed Davis.

Ronny Fenwick.

Lloyd Godman.

Harry Henderson.

Ryan Heywood.

Derek Hynd.

Richard James.

Skip James.

Mark Kayler-Thomson.

Spencer Murphey.

Gauranga Ormond.

Lele Saveri.

Sam Smith.

Roy Stuart.

Peter Sutherland.

Nathan Taylor.

Geoffrey White.

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