Seea Swimwear Wetsuits Are Now Available!

Seea Rincon Wetsuit Jacket

Seea Rincon 2mm Wetsuit Jacket

We've got a fresh and new batch of Seea Swimwear Wetsuits available now for our surfy sisters. Produced by Reunion Wetsuits in Japan, these buttery soft womens wetsuits are every bit Seea as the swimwear we all love. Paying as much attention to style as comfort and fit, Seea founder and designer Amanda Chinchelli has created some extremely unique and beautiful womens wetsuits that you can't and won't find anywhere else [at least until the competitors catch on].
Seea Carmel 2mm Surf Suit Wetsuit

Seea Carmel 2mm Surf Suit Wetsuit

Always pushing the boundaries of form, function, and uniqueness, Amanda has brought Seea Swimwear to the forefront of womens surfwear and fashion. Now, she has now seamlessly introduced Seea Swimwear Wetsuits to the surf world with a few amazing and creative pieces that are completely surfable and comfortable. Make sure to check out the Marina 2mm High Waist Wetsuit Pants, they're sure to be your favorite and only pair of awesome wetsuit pants! Here's a teaser from last years collection of neoprene and visit the Seea Swimwear Page to check out all the new and updated pieces!

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