Wax Ball Recap The Good Luck Thrift Store Outfit & Angel and the Badman


Things are a little foggy after the round of hillbilly bluegrass that infiltrated the Wax Ball last night…

We were lucky enough to bring The Good Luck Thrift Store Outfit down from Modesto, CA area for their first OC show in 7 years, and man did they show up like a bat outta hell the moment they arrived at The Marine Room Tavern. The night started off with the dialed in sounds of Angel and the Badman, a dark, country bluegrass band from Huntington Beach that's helping to add a bit of fuzz snarled tunes to an ever growing genre of Americana-infused rock that's sweeping the streets of the already clean Orange County locale. After their sweat inducing set the good ol' boys of TGLTSO swept the stage with their banjos, harps, mandolins and harmonies, helping to make the ground shake with the now infamous Wax Ball dance floor, which was packed wall to bar with whiskey-stained shirts and surfers and countrymen and women alike. The crooning and raspy voices from the band set the stage for a most epic performance, and even their own version of the Beastie Boys' 'Sabotage' kept people wondering if they'd been living under a rock for the past decade never hearing something like this. And to be honest, maybe it's better that way. Maybe music like this is supposed to stay hidden, until you waltz into an unassuming bar in Laguna Beach, only to find yourself transported to an era where music leaves you no choice but to stomp your feet, to shoot a sip of whiskey before your next beer, and to find yourself dancing with complete strangers, and not even reach for your phone for fear you might miss the next note while trying to snap a photo. This is The Wax Ball, and this is why we do it. Thanks to all who came out and if you were the unfortunate few who slept on this show, may it never happen again. Our little town is waiting for the next one, and we can't wait to show you what's next. See you next month! Check out the photos via our Facebook!

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