Holiday Employee Picks - Leah Pakpour

It’s that time of year, when we all make wishlists of the things we would like to buy and gift to others. So in the spirit of the season we decided to ask our employees what their favorite items are in shop. Here is the first in the series of posts we have queued for this month. Enjoy!
Leah Pakpour
“Born and raised in the streets of Laguna Beach, CA. Surfing and becoming a genius is what I do. Finding vintage Vans (shoes) is a hobby of mine. It's pretty hard to only choose 12 items from the store because I like everything we sell.” 1. Mowgli Surf x Thalia Surf Pineapple Party Sweatpants - Ok starting from My number one top pick. The exclusive Mowgli x Thalia Pineapple party sweatpants. Comfy, fit great, and guaranteed coolness when wearing pineapples. - 2. Seea x Thalia Doheny Rashguard Swimsuit - Being a girl that likes to get crazy in the water, it’s an innovative way to look awesome and stay protected from the sun. 3. The Ampal Creative Stay Weird Hat - Every hat is different and uniquely crafted. and I mean who doesn't want to wear a hat that motivates the idea to be weird? I like it. 4. Insight Peace Wax Candle - Every detail is noticeable, and so cool I probably won’t burn it. 5. Globe Bantam ST Skateboard - Epic new skates that are super fun to ride around town while looking like a badass. 6. Vans CA SK8 Hi Reissue - Artisan Gold. 7. Paper Sea Quarterly - keeps me turning the page. 8. Dark Seas Buenos Suerte Tee - super soft with sick graphics AND a free Thalia x Dark Seas shirt with purchase! 9. Vans Van Dorren Parrot Slip On Shoes - I bought these on my first day of work and have never regretted it since. In fact every time I’ve worn them my toes smile at me. 10. Raen Nera Sunglasses - If there is anyway to block the sun from your eyes, this is the way to do it. 11. Dear Suburbia DVD - I watch this constantly on the shop projector and then realize I’m going to go crazy because I won’t be able to surf until the next day. 12. Matuse D'Arc Women's Fullsuit 4/3/2mm Wetsuit - Winter is on it's way and so are the waves, so suit up or freeze up.

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