Holiday Employee Picks - Corey Brindley

It’s that time of year, when we all make wishlists of the things we would like to buy and gift to others. So in the spirit of the season we decided to ask our employees what their favorite items are in shop. Here is the second in the series of posts we have queued for this month. Enjoy!
"I have lived in Southern California for most of my life. I love camping, writing, music, and surfing weird boards. I also have a vintage moustache that I glue to my face every morning. It’s a lot of work, but I manage to wake up early and take care of it. If I had to describe myself in two words it would be: Corey Brindley." 1. Ours Casper Mens T Shirt - Awesome new clothing line from Ty Williams, rad colors on this shark tee. 2. The Ampal Creative Respect The Natives Hat - Designed, sourced, and made in LA, all from vintage textiles. I dig higher profile hats and the collection from Ampal Creative this season is tip top! 3. Raen Optics Squire Polarized Sunglasses - These shades from Raen have got some serious style, I dig smaller lenses like these. 4. Vans California Butano Mens Shirt - This shirt from Vans California reminds me of an old 50s style shirt. Buttoned all the way up and people take you a little more seriously. A little. 5. Zanerobe Vinchino Pant - I didn’t know about these until I tried ‘em on. Life Changing Pants is probably a better name for these new ones from Zanerobe. So life changing. 6. Vans x Thalia Surf Limited Edition Delta Shoes - I designed these, so I’m kinda biased. Of course I dig ‘em. 7. Vans OTW Pritchard Shoes - At first glance you’d never think this was a Vans shoe, but the more you wear and tear these up, the better they look. 8. Ty Segall Band, Twins 12" - Pretty much obsessed with this new album from local Ty Segall. Highly recommend this garage fuzz rocker. 9. Night Beats, 12" Vinyl - This one from Night Beats is about a year old or so, and I still rock it all the time on the record player. Amazing psychedelic rock. Turn this up loud! 10. Beautiful Losers - I’ve probably read this book a dozen times at the shop, and still learn new stuff from an amazing group of artists put together by Aaron Rose. 11. Alex Knost Pintail 7'2" Surfboard - Al let me borrow one of his creations a while back and I test piloted it at Trestles. These shapes are hard to come by and Knosty is definitely onto something. Had such a fun time on a board similar to this one, got me hooked. 12. Rodriguez, Cold Fact LP - If you haven’t heard of Rodriguez, you’re missing out on a legend. One of my all time favorite albums. Dude’s amazing.

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