Last Week..

Wait, is it winter now? Judging by the rain...maybe. Judging by the amazing boardshorts and tank tops we just got in...not a chance. Spring and summer have been rapidly approaching here at Thalia Surf, and it's thanks to this past week of epic waves, spring breakers and retro surf clothes that have arrived. Over the last few days we got in brand new Lightning Bolt Surfboards clothing, featuring their near-famous, nice-and-short-the-way-we-wear-em, Rory Cord Shorts and Pelican Boardies, even a rad pair of authentically reissued Rory Russell boardshorts. After we sifted through all the Bolt gear we got a brand new shipment of the latest clothing to come from Aussie-based Deus Ex Machina, who recently opened up a brand new storefront in Venice Beach, CA. Their newest boardshorts that just hit our shelves are insane!. Take a gander over on their product pages at the shop when you get a chance and you'll be taking yourself one step closer to that Endless Summer...

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