It's safe to say that Thomas Campbell has been a huge influence on us, the shop, our culture, and our way of life (which all are pretty interconnected). From his early days of profiling street skating culture in NY, to expanding his photography style to high contrast, burnt out polaroids and film which has now become the norm for many photographers. Thomas Campbell is a creator, not an imitator. It all started with The Seedling, a logging movie in black and white and set to a jazzy soundtrack during a time when logging wasn't even a known nickname for longboarding. It then grew into Sprout, a movie celebrating the small counter-commercial surf culture that helped launch a wave of retro inspired shapes that allowed you to explore a whole other side of surfing. His latest installment was The Present, which hopefully you have all seen a dozen times already. In celebration of what Thomas Campbell has accomplished and is still accomplishing, we are releasing his line of t shirts again. This time in new colors and some new artwork by the talented Jay Howell, as well as designs by Barry McGee, and Evan Hecox. There's also some amazing photo transfer shirts by Thomas Campbell in the mix. You won't be able to find these in many other places, so far only one or two other shops have recognized Tmoe's t shirts as original, necessary, and unbelievably rad. Get the goods.

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