The Weekly Update

Critical Slide Wall
Finally it's starting to feel like Spring around here. Our boardshorts and warm weather gear is slowing starting to trickle in from vendors and friends' companies. This week we got in all of the new Brixton Spring 12 Collection, including their first pairs of walk shorts and boardshorts ever! Plus some insanely new and fresh hat styles for all you band members out there. Also got in all the new Critical Slide Society clothing, with surf art on t shirts and boardies by Steve Harrington (epic!), Ben Waters and more. Biggest news of the week besides Corey pulling a Sonny Bono up at Bear Mountain (it's ok, the couple shots of whiskey helped get him back up), we have finally gotten back in a brand new slew of Thomas Campbell T Shirts, including new art from Jay Howell, as well as Tmoe, and new colorways in some familiar Present and Sprout tees. So amped!

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