Flat Days...

Found some awesome surf down at the Sunset Cliffs yesterday with surfer/shaper Josh Hall, and good ol' Skip Frye. After the session stoked us out and helped us wash off the long ASR weekend, Skip told us about how this past December was one of the flattest Decembers since he could remember, checked it against his books and logs, which go way way back, and it confirmed it. But hey! We made it through right? Well, while all of you were putting mileage on your Sprouts and Litmus' and Seaworthy DVDs, our friend Cyrus Sutton, the man behind the surf flick Under The Sun, was up to no good with his test-runs of his new Handplane. Check it out:
Handplane First day test from Cyrus Sutton on Vimeo.

Cure for the December flat day blues...

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