Congratulations to Quiver Giveaway winner Hillary Springborn!!!

So the winner, Hillary Springborn and family, from Newport Beach, CA came in yesterday to pick up their boards. We still can't believe we just gave away over 4K in boards and fins... 'tis the season though right, with all this talk of stimulus packages and such... So Congrats again to Hillary and her family!!! This is what they had to say after receiving the boards:

Names and ages: Hillary [mom], Scott [dad], Siena [7 1/2 years old, she made sure I knew she wasn't 7 but 7 1/2 haha], Kiernen [5] and Grayson [turns 3 on monday]

How Long Have You Been Surfing? 15 years

Favorite Spot? Blackies, 56th Street, basically any spot in Newport. When I'm by myself I'm surfing 56th, but for surf days with the family it's always Blackies.

How did you hear about the contest? Have you shopped at Thalia in the past? We heard about it when we saw that ad in Surfer Magazine. Hillary's mom actually lives in Laguna Beach, so of course we shop at Thalia Street!

Which board are you most excited to ride and why?
Ah! The Alaia! That'll be the one we all fight over! It's such a unique board and one that I've been so interested in trying, but it's one of those boards that you don't just go out and buy, so for us to have won it is perfect!

So, last question, if there was one board that you had to giveaway which would it be....and can we have it? Hahaha, sorry guys, but there's five boards and five Springborn's. We're putting mileage on all of them!!

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