Vans Karina Rozunko Collection at Thalia!


Vans Karina Rozunko Collection at Thalia! from Thalia Surf Shop on Vimeo.


We got a chance to visit with Karina at the shop, and she gave us the run down on her new collection with Vans!
All stocked up with shoes and apparel, just a hint above casual, and dripping with style.
Stop by Thalia Surf to see for yourself!


Free thinking, stylish, and magnetic, Karina has found her place at the forefront of the modern longboarding movement and couldn't be more at home. Growing up in renowned lineups like San Onofre and Waikiki, Karina was riding surf crafts before she could walk. Now, she can be seen gracefully dancing her way across world-class waves, and leaving tasteful brushstrokes of inspiration for future surfers both in and out of the water.





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