Photos : Giovanni Angelone

Summer ’16 brought us the talented Troy Elmore as a newly recognized name in Thalia Surf Shop. Troy stood out amongst the crowded beach while shooting various taste makers on 56th street in Newport this summer. Striking up conversations with him led us to learn that it was his board, that he shaped under his feet. Troy’s easy going vibe comes off in the smooth style and dynamically shaped boards, locally glassed by Jayson Gera at Golden State. Straight outta HB, and Newport area, Troy’s attention to shaping is becoming more apparent, in that he is pure raw talent. Troy’s attention to detail is inspiring and authentic, with everything from the use of redwood stringers in his hand shaped long boards to a honed to perfection twin fin. Troy’s designs are classic, and for lack of a better words, well done. 


So fresh and so clean.
The long boards bring a new toy to serve up the Blackies or San O waves with pleasure, and are available now here at the shop. Troy brings a fresh take to our inventory of eclectic boards and designs from various shapers. Troy’s boards stand out with unique color ways and strong attention to detail, handmade locally. Look for them in the shop this month.
- G I O

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