Scenes from New York // Part 2 of 3


After breakfast, and visiting our friends at Pilgrim, we made our way over to the Surf Lodge for a day full of fun activities. The Surf Lodge is located on a pond, which may not sound promising, but don't let the location fool you. The weather in New York in August is hot and humid, much more humid than here in California. After taking a lap around the pond on some stand up paddle boards, we hung out near Alex Knost's screen printing workshop and waited for him to arrive.


Nick used to be a pretty prolific screen printer, so he got to work helping people dry their shirts. Alex and Tin Ojeda helped the locals pick out which silk screens they wanted, and walked them through the process of screen printing their own shirts. Nick, Jackie and I each took turns with the drying process, and I'd say we did well over 100 shirts by the end.


I asked Al for his photo, so he leaned back and put his foot in front of the lens. Shooting with a rangefinder camera means you're not seeing through the lens, you're seeing through the viewfinder. So I really didn't know how this shot would turn out until I developed and scanned it. I tend to just go with the flow when I'm shooting, and this trip was by no means a "work" trip, so I was just happy to shoot some film and have a good time!



After the screen printing work shop we were ushered over to our table for dinner. The dinners at the Surf Lodge were on a different level than we're used too. So much food, all of it stuff that we personally couldn't afford otherwise. Vans really took care of us on this trip.



After dinner the sun went down and it was time to check out Dylan Graves movie "Greetings" as well as Al and Tin's short film "Chrysler New Yorker". It was dark, so I didn't shoot anymore film that night. The Surf Lodge was packed that whole day, but at night it was over run by locals. While we were on the balcony talking at 11:30pm there was still a line outside of people trying to get in. I guess New Yorkers go out pretty late.



Words and Photography by Thomas Green

Camera: Canonet ql17

Film: illford Delta 100

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