Sand Blaster! Video and Photos


When news broke that Jim Cocores brought a Baja Bug back to life, we here at Thalia Surf knew we were in need of some sand blasting. And what better way to break in said bug than to ditch your responsibilities in the middle of the week before the 4th of July and head to Palomar Mountain, new tees in tow.

This time of year you can expect triple digit temperatures on the mountain, but we were lucky enough to go on a day where a cool breeze was frequent and greatly appreciated. No service also meant all calls went straight to voicemail (sorry for whoever couldn't reach us that day) while we charged trails on a mini bike and bicycle in between laps in the bug. Not all of us are comfortable on 2 wheels, as you can see from our video (Here). But what you didn't see was Mattson took a spill off camera way before Giovanni. After a chuckle and dusting off, he hopped back on the mini bike and rode around like he had been doing this forever. 

A short hike at the top of the mountain boasted the most amazing views that are sure to give you those "What is the meaning of life?" feelings. But with the bug waiting patiently in the distance, those thoughts were short lived and it was back down the mountain we went.

If you haven't checked out our new men's tees, go do so (HERE) - we all agree this is the best capsule in a while. With graphics from Matt Allen, Harry Daily, and Russ Pope just to name a few, you'll be stylin' while supporting art from some of the coolest dudes out there.

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