Justin Adams Finless on Thalia Surf Crafts!



Thalia Surf Crafts soft boards are back in stock and we have a new video of Justin Adams taking his favorite Thalia Surf Crafts model for a spin! Visit our blog for some finless surfing from Justin. We also have our launch video on our blog page which features footage of how these boards are built!

Thalia Surf Crafts soft boards were born from our desire to make high quality soft boards locally at an affordable price. Surfboards are in short supply and high demand, so we teamed up with INT to make the best soft boards ever! Unlike other soft boards on the market, we designed our own boards to be stylish, fun and functional. Thalia Surf Crafts have the surfability of a hard board, without sacrificing the fun and ease of a soft board! These boards are constructed of epoxy stringerless blanks, with slick glassed epoxy bottoms, future fin systems, and the comfort of foam deck and rails. Plus, you only need to wax these things once! Plastic stock fins are included to get you in the water now, but we have plenty of fiberglass fins if you're looking for an upgrade.


Filmed by Matthew Allen & Gabe Sullivan

Edited by Gabe Sullivan

Surfing by Justin Adams

Music: "Sliding" by Land N Sea https://landnsea.bandcamp.com


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