Gato Heroi and Creme at the Shop!


Creme x Gato Heroi x Thalia Surf from Thalia Surf Shop on Vimeo.

We are beyond stoked to share this collection of surfboards from Gato Heroi and Creme. Robin Kegel once worked for Thalia Surf back in the day, and helped shape the identity of the shop. Since then, Robin has been shaping a diverse range of surfboard designs that allow the functionality of modern trimming, nose riding and turning on a classic single fin longboard.


FATCAT - Classic wide pintail longboard with turned up entry and rolled bottom maximum displacement due to wide plane shape stabilized by pinched classic rails FatCat features profound rocker for planning from the nose.

DAGGER - Gato Heroi’s original beach break shape pointed entry, parallel template and soft rail release easily and hold in the pocket trimming from the front down the line and pivoting from the tail.

SURFAR - Travel board designed to maximize manuverbilty and speed, for carving and front foot trimming deep, surfar designed to incorporate mid length design with performance for fast conditions. designed as a travel essential , pin or round tail depending on destination , transitional curves slightly flattened for carve and hold in steep situations custom built specific changes for placement , compact transitional shape.

Robin Kegel shaping.

Gato Heroi ~ Fins at Thalia from Thalia Surf Shop on Vimeo.


Robin on the nose of a Creme Californian behind the shop in Laguna.

Evan Daley at the office glassing an abstract design on a Creme Playdate.

Out front of Thalia Surf with Robin, Evan and Makala Smith.


VHS recording and photos by Giovanni Angelone

Music in first video "Surf Thump" Gantez Warrior @leviprairie

Music in second video "Yama Yama" Yamasuki 1971


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