Featured Artist: Justin Davis




Justin Davis is the artist behind our new Under the Sea Wind tee! A long time Thalia Surf employee, Justin has worn many hats as he worked his way up from shop rat, through manager. Now Justin keeps things rolling on thaliasurf.com and tends to our social media accounts. 
Growing up in sunny California, Justin's best friend's Dad taught him to surf at age 12 on their family's hand painted surfboards. When Justin received his driver’s license at age 16, the beach, and surfing, were within reach. Always eager to explore surf crafts and concepts from surfing's past, Justin rides standing, prone and on his knees on everything from vee bottoms to Steve Lis inspired kneeboards, and Greenough style surf mats.
Always passionate about vintage surf stylings, Justin has embraced the idea of blending artistic expression with the raw natural elements of surfboard and skateboard culture, finding comfort in the lines, colors and movements of the surf styles of the 1960s and 1970s. His colorful artistic creations find an audience through his label Smell the Flowers Arts. Justin's art often includes delightfully simplistic earth and seascapes, with flowers you would want to grow in your garden. 
Check out the stickers, patches, and the new Thalia Surf tee we have available from Justin! And stay tuned for newness from Smell the Flowers Arts! All these products are available in store and online at thaliasurf.com! 














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