Alex Knost | Brown Microwave Television | 12.3.16


Photo @Daniel.saan

Thalia Surf

Photos: Giovanni R. Angelone 


If you’re a resident of Southern California you’ve heard the creative milestones and evolution of Alex Knost. Brown Microwave Television is his ongoing project where he continues to create and elude ingenuity for long board culture in Southern California. Weather it’s opening exhibitions at the Costa Mesa Conceptual Art Center, shaping, or his effortless style of surfing; Alex has consistently brought a classic California vibration through the culture of this era with retro and modern concepts of board designs.


Thalia Surf Shop – Brown Microwave Television shaped entirely by Alex Knost, glassed by J Boi at Golden State Glassing.

T H A L I A  S U R F | 12.3.16 

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