The Seager Co. Brand Launch at Thalia


Recently Seager Co. celebrated their brand launch in the shop and it was a total blast. The vibe was incredibly warm, the beer flowed like wine and the babes instinctively flocked like the swallows of Capistrano. Everyone was grinning from ear to ear while purchasing their new favorite tee, and a bunch of tasty tunes gently poured from the speakers. 
Here are some pics from that wonderful evening that went down a few Thursday's back:
The Night gets started with a Boom-
Unrefined Western Grit-
Shiny, happy peeps throughout-
Seager Co. launch at Thalia= Tons of genuine good times-
All smiles, all evening-
Ebb and beer flow-
The cool looking "Pack of Wolves" tee-


We were able to sit down and do a little interview with the Seager Co. crue and here's what we got.-

When did you start Seager Co. and how did it all begin?

Seager came together pretty organically actually. 

We had the same interests and were passionate about Seager so we put our heads together and got to work. And we haven’t looked back since. We launched our website this past June and have continued to grow as friends and as a brand.  

Name two things that inspired you guys to start Seager and why?

We’re all inspired by the values and ways of the Old West as well the simplicity of the surfing lifestyle. 

What gave you the idea of doing some collab tees with us and why did you choose our shop for yer launch party?

We knew we wanted to be in Thalia from the get go.  It’s such a unique shop and its selection of quality brands are exactly what we wanted our product to be surrounded by. So having our launch party there was perfect. 

 The collab tee came about from a conversation with Nick about Seager and about the future of the brand. To us, the collab tee was a big stepping stone, and something we’ve always wanted to do. We’re stoked with how well the shirt came out.  

What other cool stuff do you guys have in the Seager line?

We have a new set of corduroy hats coming out and also a quality jacket that we are pretty damn excited to release. There are a lot things in the works that you should keep an eye out for.

Where’s seager based out of?

We like to think of it as a two-headed company based out of La Jolla and Newport Beach. 

On a given day do you grab your log, retro style fish hybrid, high performance shortboard or does it completely depend?

It depends on the swell and on who you askin. We’ll usually bring our logs and retro single fins out and make a nice day of it 

If Seager created a music playlist what would be on that list?

 It would have about 5 straight hours of Johnny Cash, some Neil Young, Willie Nelson, the Growlers, and of course our friends Roah Summit.

Name 3 of your favorite movies of all time and why?

The Good The Bad and the Ugly cause it’s a freakin classic


Wet Dream cause Tyler Warren shreds

Honey I Shrunk the Kids cause its hilarious

Whats your biggest triumph to date?

I think we all have different opinions on our biggest triumph. But we can all agree that getting into Thalia was a huge check off the box for us. 

The support we’ve received from our friends and family has been a great triumph for us too, I don’t think any of us expected how much people were going to show their support and connect with the brand like they have.

If you could tell anybody one thing who’s thinking about starting a clothing line what would it be?

 People are always going to identify you with what you make. So make it because you love it.

Now that you've got a solid taste of what Seager Co. is all about, here's the icing on the cake. The launch vid. After watching this you'll now realize that you've found your new favorite brand. Seager Co.= Rad. 





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