Introducing The TOMS Traveler Collection - Release Party @ Thalia Surf!


Join us for the launch of the TOMS Traveler Eyewear Collection. Thursday, March 5th @ Thalia Surf Shop!

We are so stoked to announce that we'll be one of a very few select stores in the world with the new TOMS Traveler Eyewear collection! Join us Thursday, March 5th for the unveiling of this new epic capsule collection from one of the brands at the forefront of giving back. The coolest thing about these shades is that for every pair bought, you'll be directly responsible for giving the gift of sight to someone less fortunate. Uhhhh, did you read that? You'll be the reason that someone, somewhere, will be able to see again. How rad is that? And how insane is it that TOMS has figured out how to make it happen?! OK, enough fluffy stuff, just get down to our shop in good ol' Laguna Beach for the release party and check out the TOMS Traveler shades! We'll have some tacos, toss back a few coldies, and celebrate the fact that WE all have the opportunity to make this world a little better. Check out the entire TOMS Traveler Collection here!

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