The Path Unseen :: Danny Hess via Saint Archer Brewing

Saint Archer is a local brewing company based in San Diego, CA. Turns out they're much more than just beer makers and drinkers, they've got good taste in a lot of other things too. Take Danny Hess for example. Dude's a legend in the wood working and surfing scene.
danny hess woodshop 1

tools of the trade

He's now up in the Bay Area where he opened up Woodshop, a killer little spot where him and his associates make all sorts of wave riding utensils. These hand-crafted pieces of art from Danny Hess blur the lines between wood, water, architecture, design, and functionality. Put all of those things together and you've got a recipe for one helluva surfboard, handplane, paipo, etc.
wood shop 2

Danny Hess in his bay area shop

In what we can only assume will be an artfully done and ongoing series of short videos, Saint Archer's 'The Path Unseen' takes a few intimate moments with Danny Hess to explore where he came from, how he got to the Sunset neighborhood in SF, and most importantly, where he draws influence and the drive to keep creating. We whole-heartedly enjoyed this little spotlight.

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