Tyler Warren x Thalia Surf 'Mandala' Tee Released

tyler warren

Tyler at work in his shaping bay.

Projects. It used to be a most dreaded word in the school daze era, but now it's become a word with a much more special meaning. It's something we look forward to here. For us projects means collaboration, ideas, progress, and most importantly, something new and fun to do to take our minds off of the mundane.
tyler warren

Tyler Warren Surfboards in action at his pad.

Enter Tyler Warren Surfboards. Warren's been a close friend of the shop now for the better part of the last decade. We even let him paint a mural on our front window once for the heck of it. Well, a decade is a long time, and things have changed. Our industry has changed. People don't laugh at us anymore when they walk into our shop and see that we only carry short board shorts. It's no longer a surprise that traditional longboarding is still very much relevant to the current surf culture. Tyler Warren Surfboards exists. Thalia Surf isn't a small closet of a surf shop [it's now more like a walk in closet].
Tyler Warren x Thalia Surf Tee

Tyler Warren x Thalia Surf Mandala Pocket Tee

That's why we're stoked to release a new surf tee shirt with Tyler Warren and his surfboard company. Made exclusively for Thalia Surf, the new Mandala Tee is a killer 4 color pocket tee printed on a premium American Apparel blank. It's always a rad feeling when you are still learning from someone you've known for so long. Tyler's ability to play with colors and type is always evolving, and we're stoked to add one more notch to the belt of awesomeness with this new Mandala Tee from Tyler Warren for Thalia Surf. Enjoy and pick one up here!
Tyler Warren at home

Tyler Warren at home working on some new inlay stuff.

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