George Trimm x DJ Harvey Music Video

George Trimm is a local, underground filmmaker, putting out films surf films like Bootleg and The Rodeo Show that if you've had the chance to view, consider yourself part of the lucky few, as they're hard to come by and equally awesome to watch. He's been slaving away for the better part of 2 years on an upcoming surf film that's equal parts Apocalypse Now as it is Endless Summer. To cure you're end of summer woes, and to feed your frothy thirst until his latest film debut, he's given us this little sliver of epicness a la Joel Tudor and Harrison Roach, surfing away to the new single from DJ Harvey, a psychedelic rock groove that fits the scenery perfectly. For more info on the behind-the-scenes of this music video with DJ Harvey, check out the interview on Nowness then enjoy the little slice of action below. DJ Harvey's Wildest Dreams on

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