Monster Children #43 - Mike D Takes A Crew Hostage In Baja, Mex

Monster Children have been doing things since before they were cool. In fact, it took us a few years of begging before we were even able to stock the legendary publication here in the states, all the while drooling and frothing on their expertly curated issues that always seemed just out of reach. Froth no more folks, the latest issue is a nail in the coffin of the legacy that is Monster Children. Sure, the scantily clad babes, the epic water shots and the artists involved over the past years have been nothing short of amazing, but the latest issue: Number 43, just about tops them all. Mike D of Beastie Boys fame was asked to guest edit it, and along with editing all their misspellings [I'm sure that wasn't his main goal], he intended to cause a bit of havoc. What's a guest editing job without the perks? Enter Mike D. With a cast of crew that borders on WTF, he banded together a gang of heathens to embark down to Baja, Mexico to what we can only assume surf, eat, drink, lotion each other up, and well, film it all for a little short vid of behind the scenes action. All we're left to ponder is... when do we get to guest edit a mag?!? Hope you enjoy the weird ass video below, and if you're at all intrigued by what Mike D's touch adds to an already legendary artifact, you can find the latest issue of Monster Children here.

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