Groove Move Trailer : The Newest From Jack Coleman

Groove Move – A Jack Coleman Film We seriously can’t get enough of Jack Coleman‘s movies. For one, it’s refreshing. It’s nice to see something completely out there, different from the ultra-hi-tech, so-clear-you-get-nauseous surf movies (don’t get us wrong, those are nice too..sometimes). Plus, with our already established affinity and love for the films of old via GreenoughAlbie FalzonHal Jepsen and the like, it’s probably no wonder why we dig the obvious influence permeating through Coleman’s films. Mix that style, along with killer soundtracks, and progressive surfing from (some) virtually unknown surfers and you’ve got the new Groove Move film. Dig this trailer for Jack Coleman’s upcoming film, and keep your eyes peeled for when it finally comes out (we’re hearing March)! We know we will.

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