Behind The Scenes: Holiday Catalog 2013

Desert Night Scene
There are no waves in the desert. And there are no great expanses of wilderness at our local beaches anymore. In an attempt to gather the best inspiration we could for our 2013 Holiday Catalog, we decided to blend the two into one weekend of adventure, camaraderie, campfires, dust, and endless skies. We brought along local friend and photographer Gabe Sullivan to capture the weekend and join in our pursuit of chasing our shadows and staying youthful forever. For us here at Thalia Surf, that’s what life is about: youth. It defines our past, encompasses our present, and is the goal of our future. If you can strive to keep it in view, than you’re doing something right. And what better way to connect with our youthful energy, which we all find somewhat suppressed in our daily routines and monotonous driving, than to head out to the desert, a place of relaxation, adventure, and freedom. Desert Menu - Behind The Scenes of Thalia Surf's Holiday Catalog 2013 from Thalia Surf Shop on Vimeo. That initial feeling of freedom is what drove this catalog. Freedom to pursue our own style and tell our own story, because when you’re out that far in the middle of nowhere, there’s not a better place to look than inward for inspiration. We hope that’s what this holiday catalog and accompanying video may give you to take home. Or at the least, light a fire for you to ‘get the hell outta Dodge’. Bouldering
Our travels took us high atop boulders and a place known as ‘The Wonderland Of Rocks’ and deep down into valleys of hidden oases, where we stopped off for a beer or two before heading back to the camp. Our friends in tow, we bouldered, danced around the fire like monkeys and sang out of tune on purpose. There were even some lessons learned like ‘Don’t pee down the one way you climbed up’ yeah, that happened. Luckily that wasn’t included in our inspiration for the catalog.

Shop owner Nick doing what he does

Two types of shootersNo Surf In The Desert Happy Holidays folks, we’re glad to be acquainted with you and hope you find what you need in our catalog, even if it is just a bit of inspiration. Enjoy the vid! Vacation Forever

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