Daughter Surf Movie - A Film by Tin Ojeda


Some words about this mysterious new Daughter surf film from director Tin Ojeda: About Daughter - A Surf Movie: Experimental Black & White Film on Super 8 and 16mm Featuring - Rob Kulisek -Derek Hynd - Scotty Stopnik - Mikey DeTemple - Andy Findlay - Robin Kegel - Kassia Meador - Marshall Brothers - Erin Wormtown- Billy Death - JJ Wessels - Kyle Lightner - and many more..

Filmed in New York - California - Mexico - Australia About the title: The expression Daughter means that we are all children having fun in the water and surfing .. the idea also is that it's kind of random since the whole movie is an experimental art project combined with surfing.. I wanted the title to be weird so people could be like " Why daughter " LOL ... We started the film on VHS camcorders but after losing a couple of tapes I got super frustrated and burned the camera and I began the whole project on film .. So I said I'd also call it 'Daughter' since it's like a newborn ..

Really though, there's so many reasons for the name, but I want to leave it more to the audience for free interpretation .. It's so funny how different people think it means different things .. I really like to hear how people interpret DAUGHTER The whole idea was to make something different that has an old look and it's really a mix of surfing with art installations ...
You will see in the movie there's sections of random shit in between surfers. We hope you enjoy this new Daughter surf film as much as we do! Now available here!

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