Wax Ball Recap with Possessed By Paul James and Dano Forte’s Juke Joint Freak Show

Wax Ball

Hailling all the way from Texas, we all got a special treat this past Friday and it was to the unreal tunes of Possessed By Paul James and Dano Forte's Juke Joint Freak Show. The Marine Room filled up quite quickly with a crowd close to 150 frothers waiting for a chance to see the crazed live performance from the traveller from afar. Fiddles, violins, guitars, and banjos scattered the stage and PPJ brought a one man show that's never graced the quiet streets of Orange County before. His mix of blues and hillbilly folk left a lot of first timers wondering how they'd never heard of him before. Meanwhile, Dano started off the night with his juke joint freak show of a set, busting out the blues like no other white boy around. To all who witnessed last week's spectacle, we thank you, and for those who missed it, never fear, because the Wax Ball series continues next week with Restavrant and special guests! See more pics of the event and more info about our next Wax Ball - visit us on Facebook.

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