Thalia Interview: Allan Seymour

Since 1977 Allan Seymour has produced some amazingly unique surfing events and vintage surfboard auctions. His early years in Laguna Beach sowed his oats in surfing culture and cemented a love for a lifestyle that has never swayed. In the latest Village Never Sleeps I caught up with Allan at his Capistrano Beach home about some ripe times in Laguna Beach. -HH
allan seymour
allan seymour
E-mail Hi Hans, Moved from Beverly Hills in the winter of 1955 to the end of Circle Drive. Went to 6th grade at Aliso School with Ron Sizemore and Ed Gray. Spent the summer of '56 on the beach every day at Totuava or Aliso Beach skid boarding. We used to call it skid boarding instead of skim boarding. Moved into an ocean cliff home on PCH and 9th Ave. In the winter of '57 Gordon and Billy Hamilton were the locals there. Went to Marie Thurston Jr. High. Mat surfed with Kelly Boyd at Thalia and St. Anne's, he taught me the line up and how to angle. First girlfriend was Suzi Monahan whose dad owned Hobie balsa #1. First stood up on this surfboard at Doheny. Was in first 8th grade class at new St. Catherine's Catholic School. We all used to hang out at the Boy's Club at the west end of main beach. Kids in South Laguna were into spear fishing, skid boarding, and jumping off cliffs into the ocean. When the Aliso river would run after a storm Ron Sizemore and I would make wooden rafts out of drift wood and come roaring down stream to the ocean. We moved to San Clemente in Nov. of 1958. After graduating from Capistrano Union High School in 1962 I moved back to South Laguna on Florence Avenue. I was a San Clemente Lifeguard for 6 years when they covered all of South Laguna. What I call the good 'ol days is the period when the U.S. Marine Corps leased the land at Trestles to the California State Park system. There was a short period of time where the Marines basically had to abandon the beach and the state park did not have the funds allotted to manage it. Ed "the shred" Marsh and I would drive my '58 GMC' pick up crossing San Creek at the Church, and right up to Lower Trestles. One crisp New Years morning the NW swell was pumping and the off shore wind was howling. We drove up to the Marine Corps gate when the Marine said, "halt", we casually stated we were going to the traditional New Years breakfast at the Highland Ranch. He waved us through and we drove the dirt road under the freeway, parked under the Upper Trestle. All morning we had the place to ourselves. Also, I was on the South Laguna Volunteer Fire Department. The hot surfers at Brooks Street and Oak Street at the time were locals Bob Bermel, Dave Whitegon, and Phil Stubbs. So many great memories, what a great place to be a surfer. Allan
allan seymour
allan seymour
allan seymour
TS - What is your most treasured possession?
AS -1935 original oil on canvas painting of Gene "Tarzan" Smith surfing Canoe Break 1935 by F. Vialt.
TS - What do you consider your greatest achievement?
AS -Bringing awareness to the masses of the cultural value of collecting vintage surfboards and surf memorabilia.
allan seymour
TS - What is your favorite thing about Laguna Beach?
AS - Body surfing St. Anne's the day all the students go back to school in September.
TS - What is your surfing equipment of choice?
AS - Swim Fins
TS - What is your idea of perfect happiness?
AS - Spending time with my 3 grandchildren in the surf zone.
TS - What is your greatest fear?
AS - Poisoning of our environment.
TS - What is your favorite journey?
AS - Going to the Hollister Ranch and the sprint car races at Santa Maria Speedway.
TS - What living person do you admire?
AS - Barry Manilow for funding out of his own pocket over a million dollars for new musical instruments for the Coachella Valley, Long Beach, and Las Vegas School Districts.
TS - What living person do you despise?
AS - The heads of Big Oil and Big Religion.
allan seymour

TS -Which words or phrases do you over use?
AS - Gone off like a hot batch of resin!
TS - Words to live by?
AS - The treasure hunt can be as good or better than the actual treasure.
TS - What talent would you most like to have?
AS - Dunk a basketball.
allan seymour

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