Insight's Kill The Matador Event Recap

Insight Kill The Matador Facebook Photo Album

Last Thursday the good crew at Insight invaded the shop for the final leg of their Kill The Matador tour, a new surf flick by Patrick Pearse starring the likes of Otis Carey, Ozzie Wright, Chippa Wilson, Derek Hynd and more. With help from PBR and Red Bull the night kicked off with a bang and the newest punk surf film to debut was blasted from our projector and speakers until the neighbors thought it was time to shut it down. With just about 100 people in attendance, and each of them receiving awesome gift bags of swag from Insight Clothing, we'd call it a successful night. We're always stoked to draw a good crowd of friends to come to the shop, hang out, and watch a surf movie. Check out more of the the photos on our Facebook and we'll see you next time!

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