Jack Coleman's Temple Film Premiere Recap

temple film premiere photos

It’s always nice changing things up.

We got a new office and event space, known from here on out as the Thalia Hideout. So why not invite our friends over for some brews and tunes? Feverishly battling the pre-apocalyptic holiday traffic slowly spreading over all of Los Angeles, our moto headed friends Deus Ex Machina dropped by and invaded our Hideout last night. What they brought with them was a handful of their iron horses, a tower of Primo beer, and Temple - their latest film made by Jack Coleman. Featuring amazing footage of their Bali compound and the wave slaying talents of Salsa and friends. In a packed crowd of all ager ragers, Temple was blasted on the backwall due in part to Al Knost randomly having the one cable we were missing for the projector in his newly purchased van (thanks a ton, Al!). After the movie was set and done the good ol’ boys from Raen Optics dropped in with their recent collaboration shades they did with Deus and the night pushed on to the live tunes of Hindu Pirates. Blending a surfy blues sound with some down right southern rock snarl, the HB based Hindu Pirates played The Hideout in proper fashion with at least a few kids hanging from the ceiling. All in all it ‘twas a helluva night before x-mas, and more importantly, a proper groundbreaking ceremony to our newest space. Thanks to Deus, Raen Optics, Primo, Al Knost, Jack Coleman, and the nice old lady next door who didn’t call the cops. Without all of you, last night wouldn’t have happened. Check out the new collab optics from Raen and Deus!

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