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It’s that time of year, when we all make wishlists of the things we would like to buy and gift to others. So in the spirit of the season we decided to ask our employees what their favorite items are in shop. Here is the third in the series of posts we have queued for this month. Enjoy!

"I have selected a few items from the shop that can describe me. I enjoy being around creative minds and trying out things that allow you to be creative in the ocean. What drives me in surfing is riding all kinds of boards from old to new, long to short, fat to slim, heavy to light. Allowing yourself to adapt to new things is what allows you to grow and I feel is what keeps you young at heart. Enjoy what you have and share more waves. Feliz Navidad!" 1. George Greenough Classic Surf T - There is a lot to be said about innovation and design in the surfing world. I think George Greenough has influenced many spectrums of the surfing world as we know it today from photography, board design, fin design, boat making and always keeping life in trim. Don't stare at his feet, he doesn't like that. 2. Singlehook by Andy Davis Mens T - I like to try and keep life simple and clean, thats what I love about this one from Andy Davis. Andy's art has always been some of my favorite and as a surfer there's nothin' better than a long swinging cutback. Merry Christmas Andy! 3. Captain Fin Co. Joel Tudor - When it comes to fins it can make your ride a whole lot better if you know what to match your board up with. I own many different single fin boards and this fin seems to fit. It stand up just right, not to much rake, and still enough base to keep your tail from slidin' out. What better outline to have then from one who is the master of the single fin dace, Mr. Joel Tudor. 4. Vans Sk8 Hi - When it comes to my shoes Vans has always been on my feet from when I was small to keep me movin'. Im not much of a fashion guy but a pair of Sk8-Hi's can be matched with everything! 5.Slide Your Brains Out by Thomas Campbell - If you want to find your stoke on surfing again or just want to watch how surfing can be related to art, Thomas has filled that gap for me. This book is killer and you should get it now. Thomas has influenced my life from what boards to ride to why capturing time on film is so fun. Thanks Thomas! 6. Axxe 3mm Long John Wetsuit - A wetsuit can keep me in the water on a chilly day for hours longer than without one so, invest in a quality wetsuit that will keep you in the water longer and more often. The Long John cut can be worn year round and gives your arms some color so you look like you don't work a 9-5. 7. Ray Barbee - In Full View CD - When it comes to music I enjoy musicians that now how to play their instruments. I know that sounds funny but, some only know how to play a few power chords mixed with a jazz or blues cord then topped off with a distortion mix peddle that makes the chords that they do know sound wrong. So, listen to Ray. He kicks out some smooth jazzy james that sound just right and make you want to hit repeat and every album. Do it Ray! 8. Churchill Makapuu Swim Fins - Whatever it takes to keep me in the water I will buy. Bodysurfing has always been in my family that keeps a smile on our face and has allowed me to keep snapshot photos in my brain of scary closeouts. My father has passed down his Churchill fins to me that he wore in the 70s. They are as soft as my hair and keep the stoke alive every time i swim out! Thanks Dad! 9. Tyler Warren Bar of Soap 5'3" Surfboard - New surfboard shapes and designs are constantly coming out. This Bar of Soap by Tyler Warren looks like a good hybrid and many things I enjoy riding with some modern finishes. Maybe Santa will stick this board under my tree this year after he uses it to slide down his favorite snowy hillside. I will take a 5-0 Tyler! 10. Raen Optics Squire "CHURCH" by Warren Smith - The boys at RAEN Optics have been putting out some good stylish shades to keep keep your eyes protected and from anyone knowing that your crosseyed! These pair of Squires are killer. A good clean modern design with a touch of I am important. Keep it up RAEN'ers.

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