Wax Ball Vol.12 Brings Out the Dead



A month where many celebrate the dead, the living dead, the haunted, the possessed. Where for one night out of the whole year, you can show up to people's houses at night in a mask, and they give you candy instead of pointing a shotgun at you. In the spirit of this most glorious month, we've decided to get your fake blood pumping and ghost sheets all up in a wad with some haunted surf music.... Wax Ball Vol 12 will feature live performances by Thee Cormans and The VooDuo, two acts that will surely blow your minds if you have never caught them before. The VooDuo (as described by Thee Cormans) are like if The Cramps had a baby, and then it died. Thee Cormans are a haunted version of Dick Dale if he rode a motorcycle to his death and then turned into a surf zombie. Needless to say, this will be an epic Wax Ball to round out a full year of these shows. 21+. Doors at 9pm. FREE if you come in costume. $5 if you're a lame-o.

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