Wax Ball Volume Ocho Re-cap, Video, and Pics

Last Thursday's Wax Ball Show definitely rocked the house on all accounts. TRMRS, the local Costa Mesa garage rock band opened up the night with their salty fuzzed out jams. Along with a killer set by the Cosmonauts, they helped pack the Marine Room Tavern full of close to 200 people. The dance floor was torn up in classic Wax Ball style thanks to a few shop friends (and girlfriends) who celebrated their birthdays at the event. With much help from Raen Optics, the night went off without a hitch and ended on a banger note from the Cosmonauts as they dealt with the elusive Sheshwan (one of the birthday boys) who tried to take a stab at singing. We all learned a thing or two about 'Liquid Courage', and needless to say, work the next day was one rough time. All worth it! Thanks to RAEN Optics, Deus Ex Machina, Brixton, and the boys at LEAF for making the Wax Ball Series possible. We'll see you all next month for the next installment! Photos and video provided by the LEAFers. Rock on.


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