Thursday Thursday: Pokey LaFarge


Came across this gem of 'riverboat soul music' via the amazing Tiny Desk Concerts put on by NPR. If you're not familiar with these, NPR somehow convinces amazing artists to jam into their tiny office and perform a mini concert, all the while recording and filming for our viewing pleasure. From Wilco to Gogol Bordello to The Avett Brothers, these Tiny Desk Concerts offer some amazing and intimate sets very rarely enjoyed by us normal folk. We were first turned onto the soulful, Americana tunes of Pokey LaFarge after working with artist Jeff Boozer. Boozer has done some amazing concert posters and his Pokey LaFarge poster is one of our favorites. After enjoying this Thursday Tunage, you can view the Thalia Surf Tees that Boozer did for us online (new colorways coming soon!), and check out Boozer's other work  over at his blog.

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