Wax Ball Vol.7 Wrap-up


Last night was yet another Wax Ball concert!

Featuring none other than Al Knost and his band of gypsies known together as Tomorrows Tulips, with girlfriend Christina Kee on drums and support from Ford Archbold on bass, and a banger of a live set by another fresh Costa Mesa band, The Abigails, who brought a carnival-like ruckus to the lively Marine Room crowd. Presented by Deus Ex Machina, Raen Optics, Brixton, Thalia Surf and Leaf, this Wax Ball Vol 7 turned out to be one of the raddest crowds and best dance floors thus far. Tomorrows Tulips kicked off the night with their sultry beach pop vibes, and some rad psych-bluesy jams that got the crowd all pumped. Next up and closing the night out were The Abigails, who we can only describe as Johnny Cash on a Fear and Loathing trip. Yeah, it was that rad. The crowd was frothing over. The Abigails added some more skuffs to the dance floor. There's something afoot at this Marine Room and Wax Ball deal we've started, and we're happy and glad to be putting these things on, especially when the dance floor goes off, but we couldn't do this without the support of our sponsors and the support of all the rad people with good vibes spirit that show up to these shows. So to all you out there, thanks again, and we'll see you next month!

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